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BA in Advertising and Public Relations

The program combines both deep general knowledge of required subjects and real practical experience in advertising.

BA in Trade Activity with International Marketing

The main goal of this program is to train qualified specialists with all important skills and marketing tools necessary to break into the global market.

BA in Industrial management

The program is created to train engineering managers who have special knowledge and skills of planning and managing business processes of modern industrial organizations.

BA in Management with Real Estate

The program trains qualified managers who will work in real estate industry in Russian and foreign companies.

BA in Social and Cultural Service

The program trains qualified managers who possess skills of effective customer service management.

BA in Service of Housing Resources and Communal Infrastructure

We train qualified managers who possess skills of effective housing resources and communal infrastructure management.

BA in Transport Service

We train qualified managers who are able to organize effective customer service on the automobile market.

BA in Management with Restaurant and Hotel Business

The word hospitality’ means not only a personal characteristic, but also defines the whole industry, rapidly growing and highly profitable business sphere. Among specialists it is known as HoReCa – Hotel, Restaurant, Catering.

BA in Management with International and National Tourism

The program trains modern tourism managers with deep knowledge of economics and international management. It combines best achievements of the world tourism industry with fundamental disciplines.

BA in Management with Sport Industry

This program prepares modern sports managers with deep knowledge of economics and international management. It embraces best world achievements in sport and fitness industry and fundamental disciplines.

MA in Capital Investment and Building Organization Management

The course develops the ability of effectively managing the investment and construction activity in conditions of high economic turbulence.

MA in Management with Advertising, PR and Media

Preparation of a new generation of managers with advanced competencies in the area of advertising and media business, ready to make creative solutions and effective management within the mobile era of marketing development.

MA in Management with Marketing

Training of specialists in the field of marketing, whose knowledge and skills form the level of competence that allows them to face the challenges of company marketing management.

MA in Trade Activity with Company’s Foreign Trade Activity

Training of qualified specialists in the sphere of international trade who can lead the company to a long-term commercial success on the global marketplace.

MA in Management with Real Estate Development

Training of high-level professionals capable of carrying out analytical studies of the real estate market and ensuring high management efficiency at all stages of the life cycle of real estate objects

MA in Management with Entrepreneurship in Hospitality

The purpose of the program is to enable participants to develop a viable company model in the hospitality industry, to begin implementing their business projects from the scratch, as well as to improve the efficiency of existing business projects.

MA in Management with Contract Manager

Training of highly qualified professionals capable of managing contracts in the federal system of State awards.

MA in Management with Manufacturing Systems

Training of highly competent managers who are able to manage the performance of enterprises in accordance with the aims and objectives of goods and services production in the current economic situation.

MA in Management with Software Companies

Training managers who are able to solve the problems concerning management of the software company and make a choice between the open horizontal management model of Bill Gates and the integrated vertical model of Steve Jobs.

MA in Management with Tourist and Recreational Clusters and Territories

The purpose of the program is to provide the trainees with all the necessary knowledge required to work in the sporting or tourism industry, both within our country and abroad.

MA in Management with International Sport

The goal of the program is to train professional sports managers, who have a vast amount knowledge in the field of international management and event industry.

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